Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout

Dark Horse tres blueberry stout-2

While I was home and still in my Michigan beerphoria I picked this one up at the famous Sicilianos Market solely on name alone.  I needed to fill a spot in my six pack and it caught my eye. Tres Blue is brewed by Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, Michigan and it is one of their holiday beers released in December, just before I purchased my bottle.  The moment I popped the cap on this beer I  could instantly smell the blueberries which, honestly, worried me a little bit.  Of course I realize that a blueberry beer should in fact taste like blueberries but the smell gave me the impression that it might be overly flavored.  As you can see in the photo it poured with a thick foam and it never faded and eventually settled to a nice creamy head that added to the overall creaminess of the beer.  The head reminded me of pancake batter cooking on a skillet.

Dark Horse tres blueberry stout-1The smell was just awesome!  Tart blueberries and roasty malt that gives it a lovely muffin or waffle aroma.  I even got a whiff of weed from this beer. Yes, weed.  It is now known as the weed beer in my house.  The taste was of unsweetened or bitter chocolate, moderate maltiness and a slight flavor of coffee; just as an American stout should be.  I really enjoyed the blueberry flavor in this beer.  Its like they brewed this beer with Eggo blueberry waffles.  Great as this is I can’t imagine drinking more than two of these in a sitting.  I do recommend this beer to anyone who likes stouts and likes to experiment with new flavors.  The uniqueness and balance of this brew would give me the confidence needed to pick up some of the other varieties they have to offer. Dark Horse tres blueberry stout-3

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  1. I’m a pretty big fan out stouts, I will definitely have to try this one. IF your lokking for recommendations on other great beers follow my blog.

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