Late Night Party Time!!! Ale by Epic Ales

Epic Ales Late Night Party Time Ale-1

Picked this one up on a whim at Tacoma Boys in Puyallup because I liked the label.  I am still having a hard time digesting this beer….I am not sure if I don’t like it or hate it.  Epic Ales (based in Seattle) definitely brews some unique beers that include ingredients ranging from shiitake mushrooms to green tea and even have a beer that they say tastes like “Hawaiian pizza with rosemary and balsamic.” Each batch of Epic Ales beer is brewed one barrel at a time.  Each barrel is then its own unique creation that can differ from one to the next even if the ingredients are the same.  I managed to get a batch 1 of this beer.   Late Night Party Time!!! Ale is brewed with roasted, smoked and pilsner malts and is a sour beer.  I have a feeling there isn’t much appreciation for this beer because, honestly, a smoked sour beer sounds gross.

Epic Ales Late Night Party Time Ale-5

The different malts create a pleasant aroma that is nice though.  It has a nice tart funk too it but also has too much lactic acid for me (much like some of Cascades beers).  Lactic acid is added to beer  to lower the pH of the wort to help reduce undesirable substances and off flavors.  Brewing with the ingredients that they (Epic Ales) do I imagine that this might be why the beers have such a high level of lactic acid.Epic Ales Late Night Party Time Ale-3 Acidic flavors aside this beer still had an off flavor that just didn’t sit right on my palate.  I can’t say I didn’t like it but I didn’t love it either.  Considering that now Epic Ales is now 0 and 2 with me now I may be reluctant to pick up anything else they offer.  I have also had their Solar Tran Amplifier that didn’t do much for me either.  I applaud Epic Ales determination to create something new and unique but so far I am not impressed.  I would be willing to try their OTTO-optimizer and The Fuj if I find them though.

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4 responses to “Late Night Party Time!!! Ale by Epic Ales

  1. I refuse to drink anything with three exclamation marks in its name.

  2. Had a skunked bottle of Epic Ales (WA) a few months back that the brewer invited me up to exchange. I tend to think they’re trying too hard to be unique (Dogfish Head waited a decade or two before its crazy beers). Plus, I don’t know how they’re not getting sued by Epic Brewing (Utah).

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