Seef Bier-Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie

securedownloadThe 2012 Zythos beer festival: it was here that I had my first Seef bier, and I have been in love ever since.  Seef (pronounced like safe) was a beer style found in Antwerpen before World War II.  In 1944 Hitler attempted to destroy the port of Antwerp after the British army liberated the city; the Germans succeeded only in ruining the city, while the port was left mainly intact and usable.   After the war and destruction of much of the city, the Seef bier recipes were lost and left undiscovered until Johan Van Dyck (former market director for Duvel) decided to begin searching for the once secret recipes.  With a bit of help he was able to recreate and perfect this beer from an old brewers hand written notes.  Seef launched in March of 2012 and has been getting a lot of attention since.  Later in 2012 the beer was submitted to the World Beer Cup and received a gold medal in the ‘other Belgian style ale’ category.  It is a bottle conditioned beer, and has a distinct cloudiness similar to what you would see in Hoegaarden.  Don’t let that fool you. I know most beer snobs hate on Hoegaarden, and I would hate to see Seef disliked because of that association. _DSC2453 This is a wonderfully drinkable beer that I loved to crack open on a warm weekend afternoon.  It’s my lawnmower beer.  It is brewed with 4 different grains: barley, buckwheat, oats and wheat.  It has an awesome scent that reminds me of oranges and bread, and has a light and refreshing flavor of orange peel and spices.  Whatever yeast they used for this really added a uniqueness to the beer that I haven’t found in many others.  I enjoy this beer so much that I brought a full case of it back with me to Washington.  Drinking a Seef-1


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2 responses to “Seef Bier-Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie

  1. Thank you for the nice review of seefbier !

    And good news, in a few weeks the first crates of seefbier will be shipped to the us !


    Johan Van Dyck

    • That’s awesome news, Johan. I have been letting my friends here in Washington try your beer that I had shipped with me. They have all loved it and they are a tough crowd to please :).

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